reference: diptych - chair down | chair up

De collages zijn gemaakt uit gevonden beelden, plaatjes en foto’s uit tijdschriften, boeken en kranten. Deze zijn in de vorm van o.m. postkaarten, banieren en posters te bestellen bij Findersfee. De digitale copiën van de collages zijn te reproduceren op diverse formaten.

The collages are made from images from magazines, books and newspapers. The collages have different sizes and shapes. Some are made on former postcards. It is possible to recreate the digital copies on different material in bigger of smaller seizes.

The term found art—more commonly found object (French: objet trouvé) or readymade—describes art created from the undisguised, but often modified, use of objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a mundane, utilitarian function. Marcel Duchamp was the originator of this in the early 20th-century.